How storytelling is a tool that Asians can’t forget to use

심상봉 (1935–2020) Photo illustration courtesy of the author

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It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. — Theodore Roosevelt, 1899

Get on the #StruggleBus.

The Difficulty of Securing Internships During COVID

Image from C-SPAN, layered with a crowd estimate heatmap.

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Image from vintagelegobuilder, gfycat.

How the “Learn-to-Code” Market Child-Proofs Your Path (Badly)

Today’s economy requires well-rounded data scientists who can move effortlessly between business, research, and data science mindsets.

Image by author. US car accidents, Kaggle.

What to do when Twitter updates its front end

A man is using a tool to scrap away at a plank of wood. The Twitter logo bird is Photoshopped as being stuck in the wood.
Image from Ivan Samkov on Pexels

And How Open Source Cultures Can Change That

“To put it another way, it is easier for a beginner data scientist to find and use open source libraries to analyze text-based social media buzz around Parasite, a Korean movie, in English than it is to analyze it in Korean.”

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Theo Goetemann

Theo Goetemann. Founder @Basil Labs. #AI #OpenData #ConsumerIntelligence

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